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Ministry - Dance


There are many Hebrew words used in the Tanach that are translated "dance" or "dancing".  The most used one is mecolah (#4246) and means a dance or company of dancers. In Exodus 15:20-21, Miriam and all the women danced for joy to praise the L.rd for His deliverance from the Egyptians. There will be dancing and joy when Israel is restored (Jeremiah 31:4) and there is dancing to celebrate victory in 1 Samuel 18:6. Another word that is used several times is machol (#4234) and means a round dance or a circle dance. It is used to signify praise or worship as in Psalm 149:3 and 150:4. It is also associated with joy and contrasted with mourning in Lamentations 5:15 and Psalm 30:11.

In 2 Samuel 6:14-16, David danced before the L.rd and the Ark of the Covenant. That Hebrew word is karar (#3769) and means to spring or leap and in Ecclesiastes 3:4, the word raqad (#7540) means to skip about. One word which is translated dance is chagag (#2287) and it actually means to feast. (see Zechariah 14:18 and 1 Samuel 30:16). There was also a time to dance (Ecclesiastes 3:4) and an inappropriate time to dance, as in the worship of the golden calf in Exodus 32:19.

In the Brit Chadashah (New Covenant), there are also Greek words for dance. Yeshua talked about the children dancing to the flute in Matthew 11:17 (orcheomai #3738) and dancing was part of the feast celebrating the return of the prodigal son in Luke 15:25 (choros #5525). Sometimes the words related to movement are translated "rejoice" as in Revelation 19:7 where we will be jumping for joy and rejoicing greatly at the marriage supper of the Lamb. (agalliao #21).

In our Messianic walk, we can use appropriate dancing as worship and praise to the L.rd. We have so much to be thankful for and we can rejoice that Yeshua paid for our sins so we can look forward to dancing with Him and all the saints in heaven for eternity. When you practice dancing, think of ways you can praise and worship God with your words and actions.


Worship dance is an integral part of our services.  We do not dance for show, but in humility and as a beautiful expression of our sacrifice of praise and worship unto the L.rd in unity.  While we are open to all who want to dance, we ask that you have a basic knowledge of the dance before joining the circle.  The worship service is not the place for you to "practice" a particular dance.  We encourage dancers to join the Pre-service Dance Review one half hour before each Shabbat service to learn which dances will be in the worship service. This is for review only and is not intended to be a teaching session.  Feel free to join a dance class each Shabbat to learn a variety of dances as well as proper "dance etiquette".

The pre-service dance review is 1/2 half hour prior to Shabbat services in the dance room (downstairs)